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What are Kooks?

Invisible to most, Kooks can only be seen by animals, small children, and a select few adult mortals, or “Morts”. Long mistaken for Ghosts, Gremlins, and fairies, Kooks are the beings responsible for all of the unexplained phenomena in the world.

Kooks inhabit an alternate universe that overlaps this one called the “Subverse”. They travel from their world into this one using gateways known as “Veils”. These occur where the known universe and the Subverse touch.

The IBK, or International Brotherhood of Kooks, is the working union for the professional Kook. If a shadow seems out of place or a sock disappears for no reason, you can bet it’s a Kook doing their job.

Fleam & Boil's House for Wayward Kooks

Fleam & Boils House for Wayward Kooks, is an independant show we have in pre=production, due to release the first short form episodes later this year. It's also happens to be the name of the boarding house co-owned by Mr. Fleam and, the now missing, Mr. Boil. Fleam's responce to the sudden dissappearance, is "he so full of crap that perhaps he eventually burst", but no one seems to know for sure where he's off to.

Fleam & Boil's is where professional Kooks and others stay in the Subverse as they travel from place to place doing their jobs. The Subverse is a strange place. You never know what might happen from one moment till the next.

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About Mr. Fleam

Chairman of the International Brotherhood of Kooks and co-proprietor of Fleam & Boil's House for Wayward Kooks. He been around so long, no one knows for sure how long, in fact not even Fleam himself knows how old he is.

Fleam is the most unlikeable and foul natured Kook as one would ever want to meet. In his capacity as chairman, he is sometimes called upon to fill in for other professional Kooks in their duties. He reports directly to the Elders. His goal seems to be as obstinate and unlikeable as possible. In all honesty, he has a kind heart. We're just not sure "what" kind.

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